Thursday, May 8, 2008


So, Rush Limbaugh and his thundering herd think they can cause chaos in the Democratic primaries by crossing over and voting for Hillary. Actually, Democrats have a special talent for internal disorder and don't need a lot of help from outsiders.

I don't have a big problem with Republicans participating in Democrat primaries (or vice versa) where that's permitted. The rules are the rules, and overall I think we learn more from open primaries than from closed ones. Remember how Texas Democrats crossed over to vote for Ronald Reagan against Jerry Ford in 1976? There was a message in that, for sure.

If you're offended by Rush's tactics, give him a taste of his own chaos. Call in to his show. If they put you on, denounce him -- that's your right. If they don't put you on -- that's his right -- call again and again.

Or, you can just continue to ignore him. Serious folks have better things to do in this election. Let's do them.

Charles Blum

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  1. I read the news of Operation Chaos with amusement. Rush Limbaugh is working hard to make the better Democratic challenger win the nomination. For once, I think Rush is right.